Retail Management Hero (RMH) Update - June 2017

RMH is maturing fast! Over 400 new accounts or converts from RMS so far. Here's the latest update

RMH 6-Month Product Update 6-29-2017 from Retail Realm on Vimeo.

RMH Loyalty - successor to Hero Points

Every SMB merchant needs a loyalty system. Watch presentation of RMH Loyalty - a new generation of Retail Hero loyalty programs, designed specifically for RMH. It is continuation and expansion of the best-selling Hero Points for RMS.

RMH Loyalty Webinar: Optimizing Customer Loyalty at the POS (2/23/17) from Retail Realm on Vimeo.

NitroSell demonstrates eCommerce for Retail Management Hero

Find out how to turn RMH into a complete omni-channel solution with NitroSell eCommerce. Watch the webinar recording for a demo.

Nitrosell Webinar: Turn RMH into a Complete Omni-Channel Solution (6/16/16) from Retail Realm on Vimeo.

BREAKING NEWS - RMH POS world-wide launch webinar

Few years back Microsoft announced the end of support cycle for Dynamics RMS. (Similarly, Dynamics POS 2009 support was discontinued in  2014). In practice it means that Microsoft will no longer register new customers for Dynamics RMS, although the existing customer will continue to receive support and be able to purchase the additional licenses (as long as their service plan is up-to-date), up to 2020-2021. 


At the same time, Microsoft offered an upgrade path to Dynamics AX for Retail, or its customized version Retail Essentials. The catch is that both products are built on top of a full ERP system. Because of that these solutions are not very applicable to SMB retailers (individual stores or less than 10-20 stores with the HQ). The concern is the high cost of maintenance and necessary infrastructure.


The world-wide RMS community desired an on-premise POS system which could be a replacement for Dynamics RMS in every sense and will keep growing and developing in the years to come. That's how Retail Management Hero (RMH) POS was born. In 2014 Retail Hero's team, in a partnership with a well-known distributor and technology company Retail Realm, set eyes on building a brand-new Point-of-Sale product which would fulfill the hopes of tens of thousands users world-wide. 


Now that project has come to fruition. On June 2nd, 2016, we launched the first public release of RMH POS, and here is the recording:


RMH Launch Webinar (6-2-16) from Retail Realm on Vimeo.

About Retail Hero

Retail Hero™ began in 1999 as a technical support and software development company by a small group of skilled IT specialists of many years experience in enterprise networking, helpdesk support and custom software development.

Since 2004 Retail Hero™ shifted its focus to point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management (IM) solutions for the retail industry with Microsoft Dynamics RMS and POS products. During that time we applied our software development skills to customize the Dynamics platform for the customers with specific needs.

Soon afterwards, developing and supporting various add-ons for Dynamics RMS and other POS systems became the main focus of the company. Since that time Retail Hero has developed and sold over 20 Dynamics RMS and POS 2009 add-ons varying in functionality from customer loyalty programs to gift and payment card integrations, visual enhancement, tools and utilities. The company’s products span many retail verticals including pet food supply, wine and liquor, gardening, sporting goods, gifts, home decor, books and comics etc..

Since 2014, the company has been known as a co-developer of Retail Management Hero (RMH) - a point-of-sale system which is a continuation of the Dynamics RMS project. Read more about RMH here: 

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