eCARD for Dynamics RMS

Need the best quality cards for your loyalty program or gifts? Seek no further. Retail Hero's eCARD products serve you completely: our eCARD can be used either as a loyalty card or a gift card, or both.

Why eCARD from Retail Hero?

Retail Hero is a specialist in various add-ons for Dynamics RMS. Having participated in several gift card integration projects for different merchant providers, we've found that few merchant provider take Gift/Loyalty systems seriously. For them it's a loss leader - a marketing strategy to keep the merchants hooked. Such approach usually results in various shortcuts - card quality, POS integration deficiencies etc. On the other hand, the specialized gift card providers catering to variety of the POS systems, often neglect the proper integration points.

That's why we decided to create our own Gift/Loyalty solution tailored specifically to Dynamics RMS users.The electronic gift card has become the standard gift-giving product for successful merchants large and small.

The primary reasons for a customer card are:
  • Increased Sales - the ability to display and promote gift cards as a distinct product allows merchants to significantly boost their prepaid gift sales
  • No Cash Back - unused value remains on the card to bring the customer back again to use up the balance
  • Real Time Electronic Processing - reduces fraud and losses associated with paper gift certificates and costly tracking and accounting procedures
  • Mail-out promo gift cards to bring in the new customers

Why Loyalty Card?

Loyalty cards are an easy instrument for customer identification at the till and important reminder of loyalty rewards.

Get Going Today: Contact your Dynamics RMS VAR about this option, or email to or call 1-888-785-4376 ext. 1. And ask about our SPECIAL PRICING for Hero Points customer loyalty program!

Both Loyalty and Gift cards:
  • Wide range of the products (cards, key tags, folders, sleeves, gift bags - anything you can think of)
  • Best quality with competitive pricing
  • Hero Points/Retail Hero Loyalty integration (future versions)
Specifically for the Gift cards:
  • Bar code or magnetic stripe
  • Free gift card integration add-on for Dynamics RMS (conditions apply)
  • Use with any merchant processor - no strings attached
  • Low per-month per-location cost with no term contracts
  • Your custom design 
  • Unlimited transactions per month (conditions apply)


Product demos


One card + two key tags The most popular design which allows an account holder share the account info with family members or provides a convenience options


Bar code or magnetic stripe Choose between the cards with a bar code or magnetic stripe, or both. Typically, the bar-coded cards are less expensive and more versatile.