Automatic Thank-You Notes by Email

A newest Retail Hero development allows the RMS merchants send automatic thank-you notes by email with high deliverability. Our back-end system uses the business-grade highly reliable email forwarder with report-back features, so all incorrect email addresses, bounced emails, spam arrests and other email events become known.

Optionally, the customers receive a link to download electronic copy of their past purchase records or view the past transactions on a smartphone. This is a great solution for expense management and purchase tracking.

Collect Marketing Data

Collect the customers' names and email addresses for e-Marketing, promotions and customer retention. This is especially important for various eMarketing options which are coming soon with eReceipt. Be proactive in collecting the customer data!

Downloadable Customer Invoice

Our programmers reverse-engineered rendering of sales invoices based on the template markup language used in Dynamics RMS. Therefore, the generated electronic version of the in-store invoices looks almost exactly as the original. The customer may download an invoice copy and keep it on their home computer, or use a smarphone app to view the past transactions

Retail Hero RetailThanks email sample

Customize Email Templates

Retail Hero's RetailThanks™;Service lets you build a custom HTML template which may, for example, thank the customer for purchase, invite to like the Facebook page, provide a special offer, update the contact information via a form on the web site, or participate in customer satisfaction review (not included)

No Transaction Slowdown

RetailThanks™ Service works asynchronously, storing and sending data separately from the transaction process. This means that there are no slowdowns and no interruptions of service even when Internet is down.

Built-in Global Customer Edit

The RMS Headquarters users will certainly appreciate this free option - eReceipt allows updating the Global Customer info and automatically sends the updates to the HQ right from the POS, by using the "HQ Liberty" Service - a Retail Hero component built-into the RetailThanks™ service.

eReceipt Charts and Reports

Free Smartphone App

Tell your customers to download a free smartphone app to see their pas transactions online (coming soon). With that new option the store visitors will be able to review their historical visits, customer loyalty status, find your stores on the map and more!

Retail Hero Portal

Use Retail Hero Portal to edit your RetailThanks template and get the reports and charts.

New in version 2.5.3 (June 2014)
  • Full customer record view and edit (email address, name, address, notes, custom fields)
  • Edit window's folding design - only the necessary fields are visible
  • Resizable fonts/controls for different screen resolutions
  • Auto-center when resized/unfolded
  • Auto-account number generation for new customer records
  • Auto-capitalizing edit fields
  • Customer Edit/Lookup/Create button in the POS
  • HQ-Liberty components for Global Customer edit and update in RMS HQ multi-store
  • Automatic printer selection (the email pop-up comes for every enabled printer)
Special pricing for Hero Points customer loyalty users! Contact your RMS Partner or email to

RetailThanks' Highlights

RetailThanks 2.5 Features
  • Customer record view and edit
  • Email, name, address, notes and custom fields)
  • Edit window's folding design
  • Touch-screen optimized
  • Account number auto-generate
  • Auto-capitalize edit fields
  • Super-fast customer look-up
  • Free-text search criteria
  • Global Customer edit for multi-store
  • Auto printer selection
  • Dual RMS printers
  • 40-column and full-page format support
  • Secure and reliable email provider with feedback
  • Server-side email event notification
  • "Bad email address" auto-notification
  • HTML editing: Formatted message body
  • HTML editing: WYSIWIG Editor
  • HTML editing: Mailmerge fields
  • HTML editing: Layout templates
  • Reporting: messages sent, confirmed/bad email addresses, etc.)
  • Reporting: Email Efficiency Charts
  • Reporting: Downloadable lists

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