Manage Your Store from Anywhere in The World

OpSuite™ Retail Operations Software is a cutting edge cloud based, software as a service (SaaS) solution which uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a single application to manage all of your retail business needs, from connecting to your store point of sale applications and updating transactional information in real time, to provide you the information you need to properly merchandise your stores through automated purchase orders and merchandise reporting. OpSuite also connects to your accounting and ERP solutions to complete the front to back solution.

OpSuite is a single web based application that provides real time data transfers between corporate, stores, warehouses, and distribution centers to help control every aspect of your retail business from sales, returns, inventory levels, purchase orders, locations, customers, departments, inter-store transfers, vendor performance, profitability, and loss prevention.

OpSuite provides a single, integrated platform for all of your retail and management processes, allowing you to automate key business functions across all departments and locations throughout your enterprise. Corporate employees, store managers, regional managers, buyers, and business planners will have a single source for all of the information they need to make key business decisions, allowing them to spend more time building business, and less time chasing data. Since OpSuite is connected to each location, regardless of its focus, data of every kind is available throughout the enterprise for immediate use.

Know Your Business

OpSuite Dashboards allow business owners, executives, and managers to monitor key performance indicators (KPI) through easy-to-read graphs and charts that display the metrics that are important to them. Users can choose from six base KPIs and can apply filters and date ranges to meet their specific needs. If the user wants to drill down into the KPI to get the specific details, they simply have to click and a detail report will be displayed.

Franchise Management

OpSuite is ideal for franchisors who want to provide a proven solution to their franchisees and corporate stores. OpSuite's location hierarchy allows franchisors the flexibility of using all of the powerful features offered by OpSuite while still having the security of allowing each franchisee to run their own business.

Franchise reports show up-to-the-minute sales and inventory data; and system alerts and messages can be enabled to notify owners, managers, and executives of important events happening throughout the enterprise - whether that be a new price update or a purchase order that is ready to be placed.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is the process of efficiently overseeing the constant flow of units into and out of an existing inventory. This could be across one location or many locations, with warehouses and distribution centers mixed in. Regardless of the complexity of your operation, OpSuite is specifically designed with inventory management in mind.

Each inventory location that needs to be managed can be setup in OpSuite and every aspect of that inventory can be controlled - from Cost and Price, to On-Hand and Committed Inventory. Each inventory location is unique and can have its own settings and control data.

Moving inventory in and out of a location is done though a transaction. There are many types of transactions that can affect inventory, including sales and returns from the point of sale, as well as physical inventories, cycle counts, inventory transfers (in or out), purchase order receipts, returns to vendor, and inventory adjustments. These transactions not only affect the quantity on hand, but can also affect cost, on order, committed, and other data in the system. All of these are handled by OpSuite - making your job of managing inventory easy.

Of course, inventory reporting is key to good inventory management. OpSuite gives you a wide range of reports to help you with all of these reporting needs: Valuation Reports, Inventory Movement Reports, and everything in between.

Purchasing and Inventory Planning

OpSuite offers buyers a fresh and powerful ordering experience with OpSuite's Purchase Order (PO) module. Using the PO wizard, buyers can generate orders for each vendor - by department or category - and can select several auto ordering functions as well as manual orders.

OpSuite POs include many powerful features:

  • Auto order by stock level
  • Auto order by product sold during a date range
  • Auto order set quantities
  • Manual orders
  • Quick order by scanner
  • Multi-store orders - ship to warehouse
  • Multi-store orders - drop ship
  • Inventory adjustments from PO line
  • Adjust reorder point and restock levels from the PO line
  • Auto receive POs on a scheduled date
  • Add new items or adjustments on receiver
  • Much more...



OpSuite Facts

OpSuite helps in many ways
  • The OpSuite purchasing module provides you with tools to help keep inventory at optimum levels, saving you time, space, and money. Using sales and ordering history, vendor lead times, reorder points and restock levels, OpSuite can help you reduce the amount of inventory you have in stock while increasing sales by assuring that you have the right inventory to meet sales demands.
  • OpSuite's unique franchise management tools allow franchisors and franchisees alike to independently manage their businesses. The key to this is OpSuite's Location Group Hierarchy that strictly separates each independently run franchisee from all other franchisees so that they can feel confident and secure in their ability to run their business without their peers knowing everything they do. At the same time, the franchisor has the ability to report on specific data and manage the important parts of the overall business from a simple to use, fully integrated single application.
  • OpSuite is used by many organizations who move their inventory from location to location every week to sell at major sporting or entertainment events
  • OpSuite has the capability of managing complex and ever changing inventories in a way that makes it easy for the Inventory Manager to handle almost any situation - even tracking and moving tens of thousands of pieces of inventory all the way across the country or to a new country, and be confident in opening their store knowing that what OpSuite says they have available to sell, is indeed what they have.
  • The OpSuite purchasing module provides you with tools to help keep inventory at optimum levels, saving you time, space, and money.
  • Using sales and ordering history, vendor lead times, reorder points and restock levels, OpSuite can help you reduce the amount of inventory you have in stock while increasing sales by assuring that you have the right inventory to meet sales demands.
  • OpSuite Reporting and Analysis is based on state-of-the-art technology from Microsoft which allows users to view data in a web browser just like you would if you were reporting on data from your own internal server or client machine? This same technology allows you to secure reporting access within your organization to a number of different roles and data levels based on requirements.
  • All of the point of sale (POS) solutions offered with OpSuite are setup to communicate with OpSuite in real-time. As soon as a transaction is completed at any of your stores, you can report on it in OpSuite. And, if the internet happens to go down for a few minutes, or even a day... no problem, the POS still works fine, and as soon as the internet is back up, all of the transactional information and any other information will be synchronized.