Add-ons and plug-ins for Dynamics RMS

RMS Lite

Additional POS Lane in Dynamics RMS

RMS Lite is an additional POS interface that plugs directly into your current RMS setup. It's a great low-cost solution for lane-busting or remote sales at trade shows. Disponible en epsañol


When a "destination tax" needs to be applied when items are shipped from the store, use Ship-T for Dynamics RMS - a utility that overrides the sales tax according on the shipping destination

Backorder Presto

Simplify the backordering process in RMS - Backorder Presto fixes the way the process works making it easier for you to handle backorders. Search backorders, backorder all items at once and more!

TOP Import

TOP Import for Dynamics RMS is a utility that lets you create and recieve purchase orders and transfer orders using a data collector, streamlining the process. Ideal for chains with a warehouse location.