A light-weight POS for Dynamics RMS

RMS Lite is a unique add-on for Dynamics RMS. It is a POS interface which works with the existing installation of Dynamics RMS Store Operations and provides an alternative way of processing retail transactions. RMS Lite is a great solution when it is necessary to open a relief POS lane during the "busy seasons", for ad hoc lane busting, process cash only transactions, and to run a light weight POS terminal at a mobile kiosk, at a tradeshow booth or on the road. Its interface enhancements such as the built-in Catalog View for one-touch sales and the unique Offsite sales mode make RMS Lite flourish in scenarios where the traditional RMS POS won't do for you.

RMS Lite sports an attractive GUI specifically designed in a way that resembles both Dynamics RMS and POS in order to minimize the need for re-training your cashiers. Because RMS Lite is built entirely using the most modern programming technology (.NET & WPF), unlike Dynamics RMS, it’s compatible with existing and future versions of Windows operating systems (including 64-bit). RMS Lite supports RMS versions 1.2, 1.3 and 2.0.X

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Dynamics RMS POS and RMS Lite comparison chart

Feature Description RMS POS RMS Lite Comment for RMS Lite
Pole display Use Pole Display Yes Yes  
OPOS receipt printer Use OPOS receipt printer Yes Yes  
Windows receipt printer Use Windows receipt printer Yes Yes  
Customizable receipt templates Receipt template for transaction Yes Yes Custom receipt format similar to that of RMS
Cash drawer Through the receipt printer Yes Yes  
Weight scale For weighing items Yes Yes New in version 1.0.26
Signature capture Pad with stylus that records a customers signature digitally Yes No Planned for future
MSR Magnetic stripe reader Yes Yes Keyboard emulator only.  OPOS planned
Check reader For reading printed checks Yes No  
Pinpad For processing credit/debit transactions Yes Yes Verifone 1000SE, Ingenico 3070 with TranSentry(tm)
Payment processing Digital payment methods Yes Yes MPS Credit-Debit, including Canadian, with Mercury Payment System using TranSentrry (tm) 
Item Lookup The window for looking up items to add to a transaction Yes Yes  
Find Window Advanced item lookup with search functions Yes No replaced with a "smart find" function which instantly looks up the records while the user typing
Barcode scanning Adding items to a transaction using a barcode scanner Yes Yes No support for OPOS barcode scanner (yet)
Customer lookup Assigning a customer to a transaction Yes Yes  
Discounting Discount schemes and application Yes Yes  
Returns Performing return transactions Yes Yes  
Journal View sales receipts Yes Yes Can only view and reprint its own sales receipts
Shipping Adding shipping  to transactions Yes No Planned for future
On Account payments Using customer accounts as a tender type Yes No Not planned
Tax changes Modifying item taxes at the POS Yes Yes Tax change available on per-item basis only
Transaction detail Adding details (text) to an entire transactions Yes No Planned for future
Item comment Adding comments to a line item Yes No Planned for future
Sales Reps Ability to assign a sales rep to the transaction Yes No Planned for future
Sales Rep Column A column showing the sales rep that sold the line item Yes No Planned for future
Hold Putting a transaction on hold for later retrieval  Yes Yes
Item substitutes Items that are suggested to cashier if item added is not in stock Yes Yes
Quotes A pre-defined transaction that was created for a customer Yes No  
Work Orders A transaction with the option of a deposit that is processed and then picked up lated Yes No  
Layaway A transaction with the option of a deposit and multiple payments Yes No  
Back Order A transaction for items that are not in stock Yes No  
Tendering Pushing F12 and entering tender information, then taking payment Yes Yes  
Multi-currency Using multiple tenders for a sale Yes Yes  
Reason codes When certain actions are taken, a list of reasons for the cashier to choose Yes Yes  
Time clock Used by employees to log their time worked Yes No  
Calculator A simple calculator Yes No  
Calendar A shared calendar Yes No  
No Sale The ability to perform a no sale that pops the cash drawer Yes Yes
Cash Drop The process of removing cash from the till during a batch Yes No  
Payout A way to payout cash from the drawer Yes No  
Macro Record a macro Yes No  
Toggle Tax Function Key Turns tax on or off Yes No  
Screen Function Key Opens up screen settings Yes No  
Messages Send messages to other cashiers Yes No  
Payment Function Key Ability to make payments on account and against layaways Yes No  
No Tax Function Key A quick on/off toggle for taxes Yes No  
Graphs Simple sales graphs Yes No  
Gas Pump Operate a gas pump in POS Yes No  
Reprint Button that reprints the last sales receipt Yes Yes  
Touchscreen The optional interface with large colored buttons Yes Yes  
Net display An optional extra monitor that can display receipt or webpage information Yes No  
Secure Locking the POS or switching logins during a transaction Yes Yes  
Custom POS Buttons Buttons that allow quick access of functions (on the right of POS) Yes No  
Status Bar The very top of POS which shows icons and cashier/register info Yes Yes  
Matrix Items Matrix view Yes No No "matrix View" but can ring up individual items. Planned in future releases
Access levels Roles of employees designated by number Yes Yes  
HTML Status Bar The large customizable HTML portion at the top of the POS Yes No Replaced with status bar
Serialized Items     Serialized item type Yes No Planned in future releases
Currency Change the default currency for the transaction Yes No  
Gift Certificates/Vouchers   Yes No Planned in future releases
Voucher Lookup voucher information Yes No Planned for future
Internet Order User RMSNet internet orders Yes No  
Item Alias Using item alias instead of the item lookup code Yes No Planned for future


RMS Lite Features
Light-weight POS
Touch-screen optimized
Compatible with Dynamics RMS
PCI-DSS complaint
Built-in Mercury card integration
Support variety of OPOS devices
Low cost
No MS service plan necessary
Windows 7- and 8- compatible
Works with RMS 1.2, 1.3 and 2.X
Easy to set up
.NET-built from scratch




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