Retail Solutions from Retail Hero

Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Retail Management System)

Dynamics RMS is more than just a POS front-end interface, it's an entire system that will automate much of what you do by hand. Inventory control, pricing, employee management, information security, reporting, accounting... Dynamics RMS is for the retailer who knows the importance of quality information and solid control over their business. A small retailer will benefit immensely from Dynamics RMS, and a larger retailer can't live without it.

Dynamics RMS Add-Ons

Dynamics RMS add-ons developed by Retail Hero expand and improve upon the featured offered in RMS.

OpSuite - a Cloud-Based Retail Management System

OpSuite is online store management system compatible with Dynamics RMS and other POS systems. Manage your store from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and take advantage of a sleek user interface.

eCommerce Solutions for Dynamics RMS

Integrated eCommerce solutions are available for Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS). They include everything you need to put your retail business online, helping you to reach a wider audience, sell more effectively to existing customers, and keep your inventory up-to-date with minimal effort. They synchronize with your store automatically.