Collect points and redeem them with a discount, gift or a coupon

Retail Hero's customer loyalty reward system Hero Points 3 for Microsoft Dynamics RMS is the best integrated customer loyalty software for Dynamics RMS that allows customers to collect loyalty points and redeem them for discounts.

The system's functionality is similar to popular mass customer loyalty programs - with the advantage that you can run Hero Points completely in-house, without paying any service charges and fees! And, plus, the merchant is in full control of their loyalty program. 

With Hero Points the store owner is given the capability to define both collection and redemption schedules and provide additional points for specific purchases (bonus points) and for the new customers (welcome points).

New - watch Hero Points Webinar:

Announcing new version Hero Points 3.6 ! In Hero Points, the point collection schedule allows to assign how many points-per-dollar the customer will collect for purchasing of a specific item or an item from a specific department/category. The collection schedule lets you define effective date ranges, various exempts, bonus points, welcome points and a minimum purchase value.

The flexible redemption schedule gives four options for applying the discount: a transaction discount, a reward item, a gift item or a reward discount coupon. Also works with work orders, back orders and layaways.

At the POS till during a transaction the system detects when the customer has collected the number of redeemable points and automatically prompts the cashier to reward the customer by applying a discount according to the redemption schedule.

Sample Point Collection Scenarios:
  • “Fixed” collection: 1 point per $1 spent for any items (exception apply) 
  • “Variable”: 1 point per $1 in the Toys department, 2 points per $1 in the Clothing department, effective May 1-30
  • “Basket mode”: each transaction of $50+ generates 10 points, $60+ generates 15 points etc.
  • Bonus points: each item purchased from the Shoes department adds 100 points, effective the next week only
  • Welcome points: all new customers receive 1,000 points with the first purchase
  • Accelerators: every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am to 12:pm everyone gets 3x points. Customers who spent over $1,000 get 1.5x points. From June 1 for two weeks, everyone gets 2x points
  • Exceptions: Any of the following: work orders, layaways, back orders, on-account purchase, employees and specific customers will not receive points.  Minimum purchase may be required.

Sample Point Redemption Scenarios:
  • $10 off for 100 points, $25 for 200 points
  • Dollar discount is applied either as a transaction discount or a “reward item”
  • 10% off for 1000 points, 15% off for 1200 points, 20% off for 1500 points
  • Get a free coffeemaker for 25,000 points
  • The reward may only be no more than 50% of the transaction subtotal
  • $10 coupon for 100 points - expires in 90 days


Hero Points Features

current version: 3.6 (June 2014)
  • coupon redemption mode (new in 3.6)
  • configurable receipt format
  • Rewards: $ discount, % discount, gift item, reward coupon
  • "Fixed", "Variable" or "Basket" points collection modes
  • Item/department/category bonus points
  • "Welcome" bonus points
  • Various program exemptions
  • Loyalty status on the receipt
  • Points accelerators: customer, recurring, promo and spend level
  • Works with layaways, work orders and back orders
  • Password-protected manual points adjustment
  • Built-in and RMS Manager reporting
  • RMS Headquarters support
  • Certified: designed for Windows 7, compatible with Windows 8
  • Migration path from other programs
  • "skinnable"- customize colors, look and feel

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Point Accelerators

Hero Points 3.1 Accelerators

Establish point accelerators based day of the week and time of day, calendar day, customer purchase level or individually per customer.


Hero Points Customer History Report Hero Points Customer History Report in Acrobat format

In addition to having two Hero Points reports in Dynamics RMS Manager, you can generate a customer points history report right from the application screen and save or print it as a pdf document


Reward coupon as part of the receipt, new in v. 3.6.

The loyalty program now can use a coupon redemption mode. When the customer collects necessary number of points, the system will automatically issue a time-sensitive coupon which the customer can redeem on their next visit to the store

The coupon is a part of the receipt template and can be customized in the same way as the receipt template itself - i.e., include custom messages and images. If the time restrictions are enabled, the valid dates will be printed automatically.