Four Tried and Tested Ways to Get Shoppers to Sign Up for Your Customer Loyalty Program

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A great customer loyalty program is a powerful business tool. From restaurants to retail, business owners use these programs to turn first time customers into long-term business. With so many loyalty programs available to consumers, though, it is important to have a loyalty program that stands out from the rest. Here are four tried and tested ways to get more shoppers to sign up for your loyalty program.

Instant Incentives and Long Term Rewards

Shoppers love getting rewards, but waiting to accumulate them can seem like a of lot work. Give your customers a sign up bonus that translates into instant savings. Whether it is a free appetizer, or a modest discount, knowing that signing up for a loyalty program will save a shopper on their current visit is going to be a more powerful incentive than having them work toward a reward. This is also going to compel first time customers to sign up for a loyalty program when they otherwise wouldn’t do so.

Sometimes, It Is All Fun and Games

Incorporating games into your loyalty program can get customers excited about not just possible rewards, but also about playing the game. Bred into all of us is a hunter/gatherer who is looking to collect things along the way. Collecting loyalty points follows that primal instinct, and it is in part why loyalty programs are successful. People also have an inherent need and desire for fun, and games are a big part of that endeavor. Making your loyalty program fun is a good way to keep it exciting and entice customers to join. Easter eggs and additional bonus points make a program exciting and interactive. Creating games can be expensive and complicated, but there are successful games already in place that will happily take on a new partner. Popular social media sites are giving retail businesses and services the opportunity to use their platforms as part of their customer loyalty programs, so you can also make your game a social one and encourage interaction among your customer base.

Reaping The Benefits Of Referral Rewards

Word-of-mouth advertising is known as one of the most important components of a successful business. Customers love to share good and bad shopping experiences with friends and family. Make sure customer satisfaction is a top priority, and send shoppers away happy and excited to spread the word. Offering a referral incentive to loyalty program members can help your enrollment numbers grow, and turn loyal fans into brand ambassadors.

Use technology to your advantage, and encourage members to check in to your establishment via social media. You could also consider incorporating other social media components to your existing loyalty program to help bring awareness to it.

Get The Word Out From The Inside

Make sure your customers and target market know about your loyalty program. Print materials like flyers and banners are still successful marketing tools, even in today's digital age. Get the benefits of membership out where they can be seen, and make sure your staff members offer the program to shoppers at every point of sale.

Loyalty programs are a great way to make your business unique and exciting for customers. Dynamics RMS has made it possible for any business to easy incorporate a customer loyalty porgram such as Hero Points into their daily operations. Encourage your target market to become a part of your loyalty program with some of these proven methods, and watch as your first time shoppers become long-term customers.

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