Five Value Adds Guaranteed to Keep Your Storefront Booming in the Digital Age

Feb 10

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Technology is quickly evolving, and savvy business owners are tapping into the power of the digital age to keep their businesses from slipping behind the competition. If you're looking to stay on top of the technological curve, there are valuable resources available to help your business boom. Here are five of the best digital value adds out there.

Check In Customers And Start Conversation

Customer check ins and conversations are happening every minute of everyday. With social media becoming such a large part of today's society, it's more important than ever to have a strong online presence. A simple website is not going to drive the traffic you need to stay on top. QR codes are a cheap and easy way to get your customers online, and involved in the conversation.

Take a Page from Your Social Media Feed

Social media accounts with substantial followers help get customers talking. Interact with your followers through social media, and keep the dialogue open. When customers feel connected to a business, transactions become a personal experience. With these strong relationships, customers will be faster to check in, and will check out without hesitation or abandonment.

Knowledge Is a Valuable Power

Offer your customers powerful freebies in the form of information. We live in the age of tutorials, where consumers use the internet to learn about anything and everything. With regular blogging, and by posting content relevant to your business, your customers will feel that you offer them something of real value.You can collect data through both online newsletter subscriptions and customer transactions. Make sure you're using this information to send customers and subscribers regular updates. Take a personal approach to this, and speak directly to your target market. Invite customers personally to your next sale instead of simply announcing to the world that you're having one, and include links to resources that will inform and engage your target market.

Tap in to the Power of Apps

Whether your business deals in eCommerce, or solely in a bricks and mortar building, online resources should be integrated into your marketing plan. Smartphones and tablets have become a way of life, and apps have become common practice. All businesses can benefit from developing an app, and the process is less involved and expensive than you may think. Consider creating an app to keep your customers connected and excited about your business.

Keep Loyal Customers Coming Back

A great way to build personal connections with customers is through customer loyalty programs. With Dynamics RMS software it's easier than ever for a business to incorporate incentive programs (such as Hero Points) into their shop. Through these programs customers earn rewards and are encouraged to look forward to future shopping experiences before they even happen. Create customer loyalty by offering an incentive based program that your target market can get excited about.

The digital age is a fast-paced place for business, but with these five value adds your business can stay on top. Listen to your customers and offer valuable resources that will build customer loyalty. By being a part of the conversation, your business will benefit, and continue to boom.

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