Why Optimizing Your Retail Space for Interaction and Pleasure Will Help Build Insanely Loyal Customers

Jul 11

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While some shoppers love nothing more than digging through boxes and looking for items on cluttered and crowded shelves, most customers will take one look at those retail stores and head in the opposite direction. A good and clean store gives shoppers a great first impression and make them more likely to come back in the future. Designing a fun and interactive space can also build a strong and loyal customer base that will lead to additional future sales.

Make Shoppers Feel More Comfortable

When it comes to shopping in retail stores, shoppers want to feel comfortable walking through the space without feeling clothing and merchandise brushing against their butts or rubbing up against them. Retail designers refer to this problem as the 'brushed butt effect', which tends to occur in tightly-packed areas. While it's important to have an interactive space, it's also important to give customers the area that they need to wander through the aisles, look over the racks and examine the merchandise.

An excellent way to keep shoppers comfortable is to have a small 'oasis' where they can relax and take a brief rest. Offer cozy chairs and free beverages such as coffee or tea as a way to get them to sit down and enjoy themselves for a minute. If you can, try to ensure that you have interactive displays or tablets nearby so resting customers can continue their shopping.

Inform Your Customers of Specials

A common complaint reported by retail customers is that they don't always know the price of merchandise. Some stores hang a simple 'SALE!' sign in the front window without placing prices on individual pieces of merchandise or even informing those in the store of what items are discounted.

Laying out your retail space with interaction in mind lets your signage or employees inform shoppers of any sales or specials currently available. In addition to a large sign in the window, you can easily tag racks of merchandise with smaller signs that describe discounts or special prices on those items.

A Last Impression Can Last Forever

While it's true that most individuals remember a first impression, they'll also remember the last impression they have when they exit a store. Having a clear path and line-of-sight from the checkout area to the front of the store will allow your customers to leave with a positive memory of how clear your space is. Far too many stores place racks or shelves of merchandise near the exit areas as they are worried about sacrificing important retail space. When customers feel rushed out the door and need to navigate delicately through a tight exit with their bags, they are less likely to come back.

Making customers feel comfortable is one of the keys to retail success. Your clients want to shop in stores that are clean and free from clutter, but they also want racks and shelves that they can look through and find the right products. The more comfortable they feel, the more you'll build loyalty among those shoppers.

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