Technology on the Floor: Why It's Time to Start Using Windows Tablets Like Surface as Part of the Retail Experience

Jun 15

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The idea of using tablets in retail spaces seemed almost silly just a few years ago, but more and more companies now use tablets as a way to help and support customers. Windows tablets like the Surface are relatively inexpensive but provide a number of benefits for shoppers. Some of the biggest chains in the world now use these devices on the sales floor to help customers faster than a sales clerk could. Though tablets won't be soon replacing cashiers and other workers, these electronic devices do have some amazing benefits which we'll explore below.

Provide Customers with Quick Information

Tablets are an excellent way to provide quick information to customers without them having to track down a free employee. Sheraton Hotels & Resorts and several other hotel chains created small kiosks with tablets and other devices in the lobbies of different hotels. Guests can easily check into a room and stop by the front desk just to grab their keys, and they can also use the tablets to find out more about popular attractions, make reservations at hotels in the chain or take care of their other travel arrangements. In another example, retail stores put out tablets as a way to get customers the information that they need quickly. Shoppers can look up prices, directions or other tidbits that make their shopping experience that much easier.

Create a Digital Fitting Room

One of the hottest trends in the retail world is a digital fitting room. With a digital fitting room, stores no longer need to waste space with dozens of sizes and colors of different clothing. Shoppers can use the camera on the tablet to scan an RFID chip placed on the tag on the clothing. The tablet will then show shoppers what that item looks like in different colors and sizes. They can decide what they want, and a shop worker will pull it from the back room and have it waiting at the cash register for them.

Give Customers Inventory Information

Most retail shops don't have anywhere near enough space on the floor every piece of stock that they are carrying. Shoppers rarely know what is in the 'back room', and the shop's workers might not always have the time to go back and hunt through boxes to find a particular size or style. With a tablet, workers can scan all the items that come in and keep track of the inventory in an electronic system. Shoppers can browse through the inventory and find what they need even when those items aren't out on the floor.

Manufacturers of some of the top tablets hope that those devices will change the way people shop. Those devices add an interactive touch to shopping that customers will love. They can use tablets to search inventory, find information quickly and order items in different colors or sizes in seconds.

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