Customer to Brand Ambassador: A Few Notes on How to Convert Your Clients into Loyal Advocates

May 20

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A brand ambassador is an individual who goes above and beyond to spread the word about a specific product or business. Celebrity spokespeople often work for companies and appear in promotional materials advertising businesses and products, but many smaller companies can't afford to pay a celebrity an extravagant amount of money. Anyone with strong people skills and the ability to work with others can serve as an ambassador for your brand. Turning the clients you already work with into ambassadors is as easy as getting those clients excited about your products or services. Let's take a look at how you can turn your customers into cheerleaders for your brand, driving new business and sales.

Give Away Free Gifts

Who doesn't love getting something for free? Promotional items are an easy gift to provide to clients that they can pass out to their friends and family, or keep for themselves. For example, items might include shirts, jackets, pens, bags and even small clocks and electronics branded with your company name or logo. LG is a large electronics company that sends representatives out into stores to talk about its new phones and other products every day, and its workers hand out products branded with LG to the employees working in those stores. Some companies also give clients the chance to win other larger products, including televisions and vacations.

Offer Something No One Else Does

The top brand ambassadors in the world work hard for companies, and your clients will want to work hard for you when you offer them someone that no one else does. When clients arrive in the city for meetings and networking opportunities, give them access to a driver to get around town or set them up with a concierge who can handle their restaurant and event bookings. Smaller businesses do well with good customer service, which can include calling customers once a week to check in and sending simple holiday gifts. When clients get something unique and special, they will want to spread the word about the company behind that item.

Keep in Touch With Your Clients

Clients work with companies they trust, but many people find that they tend to forget about companies they work with less often. When you only call on your clients once a year, you give other companies the chance to slip in and grab your sales. The best companies contact clients on a regular basis to touch base and find out if they need any additional help or advice on how to best use their products and services. One phone call can turn a once-a-year client into one who purchases more often.

Business owners often think that hiring a brand ambassador is too expensive for their budgets, but even a regular customer can become an ambassador if provided with great service and a reason to talk about the brand. Turn those shoppers into ambassadors by staying in touch and giving them something they can't get elsewhere.

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