Under the Radar: How 'Secret' Sales Promotions Can Drive Huge Traffic to Your Retail Store

May 10

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There are a variety of ways to driving huge traffic to your retail store. One popular promotional trend right now is 'secret' sales. Here's how you can market under the radar, and bring more business through your doors.

Customers Can Cash In by Collecting Points

Costumer loyalty programs are a great way to keep your customers coming back to your store. Points systems are a popular and easy way for store owners and customers to track rewards. Everyone likes to feel special, and exclusive offers and promotions are a great way to spread that feeling. Make your loyal customers feel special with some secret savings exclusive to members.

Accelerate Business with Point Multipliers

There are various point multipliers that you can use as incentives for customers to shop in your store. Give loyal customers access to rewards with point accelerators. Offer shoppers triple points between certain hours of operation, or hold double point events throughout the year. A happy hour is a great way to get people in to shop at times when your store tends to be quiet, as points events have a good track record of success.

Shake up Your System with Variable Rewards

Points collectors love an opportunity to rack up rewards. Rewards programs with a fixed points system reward shoppers with points based on the dollars they spend or the number of items they buy. One dollar spent may equal one point earned, but there are other ways to shake things up. Include a variable points system that encourages shoppers to purchase different items or spend more money. Assign bonus points to certain stock to move inventory, or offer points incentives when shoppers make a purchase from a specific incentive group.

Making the Most of Your Members' Information

An important benefit of loyalty programs is the data collected when a customer signs up as a member. This information can be used market 'secret' sales exclusive to loyalty program members. By directly sending exclusive deals to existing customers, they feel more personally connected with your business. Personalize mailers and emails whenever possible to help strengthen the connection between your store and your customers.

Promotions at the Point of Sale

Rewarding shoppers at the time of transaction is a great way to keep them coming back. Increase customer retention and drive foot traffic with clever customer loyalty campaigns. A free gift with purchase or a discount at the till are successful strategies for getting customers to shop and spend at your store. Save money on advertising by promoting your hottest deals exclusively to loyal customers. These rewards can be offered to everyone, but members will feel special knowing they are receiving inside information.

The Best Customer Savings for Your Business

Remember that rewards should offer a discount of at least 10% so customers know that they're getting a good deal. Instead of combining discounts and rewards events together, distribute savings coupons during points events. Offering a time-sensitive coupon at each point of sale will have your customers returning faster than ever before.

Drive more traffic to your storefront with exclusive incentives for loyal customers. By offering 'secret' savings and sales, you can keep advertising costs low and customer retention high. Reward returning customers and operate under the radar with these successful 'secret' sales strategies.

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