Three Reasons Why a 'Pop Up Store' Is an Excellent Way to Build Brand Equity During Your Busy Season

May 5

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Building brand equity is important. Make an impression this year during your business' busy season with a 'pop up store.' Here are three reasons why this trend is an excellent way to get your brand noticed and boost your brand's value.

Impulse and Instinct: Proper Planning and Positive Positioning

Many people are spontaneous shoppers and buy on impulse. A pop up store brings your business to new customers and gives them the opportunity to experience your brand. Good design, charismatic staff and a desirable location create the perfect blend when it comes to pop up stores. Increase brand recognition by positioning your business for success.

Opening a pop up location during the busy season will help reduce risk and increase revenue for your pop up store. If you lack the confidence to pull off a pop up on your own, there are agencies that can help. Pop up stores are not for the faint of heart, however, and do come with risk. Trained professionals can scout out locations, store designs and knowledgeable staff for you. Focus on what you do best, and let reliable professionals perfect the rest.

Moving to Market: Build Brand Awareness and Assess Success

Pop up stores are an effective way to get your business noticed in a variety of geographic locations. Since the recession, pop up stores have been increasing in popularity. With more vacant storefronts, business owners are able to secure short-term leases. Keep you shop open for as little as 30 days or as much as a few years in the location of your choice. When it's time to move on, you can pop up in a new location without having to worry about long-term lease obligations.

These temporary storefronts are great ways to test your brand in different markets and extend the reach of your business. Pop up to showcase and promote new products or to gauge the viability of permanent locations. Increase your chances of success with strategic timing and make your brand visible when your target demographic is most likely to be responsive.

Offers and Obligations: Getting an Edge by Upping the Ante

Make the most of your time at a pop up location by hosting events or workshops in your temporary space. Offering visitors special rewards and engaging them in a positive way could give your brand an advantage over the competition. Get creative when planning events: Bring in experts, hold contests, demonstrate products and make your space a fun and inviting place. Build buzz for events through social media and make sure existing loyal customers get personalized notifications encouraging them to attend.

Overhead costs do climb, but profits can skyrocket when your business taps into the pop up store trend. What better time than your busy season to increase your brand building budget? During these times, sales are up and shoppers are in the market. Statistically speaking there's no better season for success. Build your brand and watch its value increase by promoting your business with a pop up store.

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