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Retail Hero on Customer Loyalty
By Retail Hero on 3/25/2014
Making improvements to how your business operates from day to day becomes a million times easier when you have a detailed customer database at your fingertips. The data that it contains can be used in a variety of different ways to either directly reach out to customers, or to alter a specific aspect of your business in order to better serve your customers' needs. There really is no limit to what that sort of big data can do, in tandem with Dynamic RMS, to increase overall customer loyalty. Here are a few of the best ways you can put your customer database to work for you once you've managed to fill it with information.

Customized Email Marketing Campaigns for Your Customers A great way to take advantage of all that data is to use it to form the basis of a customized email marketing campaign targeted toward your most active and loyal customers. Your database will provide the essential information required for doing this the right way by sending customers only the most relevant product updates and features....
By Retail Hero on 3/20/2014
Customer loyalty generally all boils down to one thing: trust. If a customer can trust you, then he or she is more likely to purchase from you again, once the need arises. You might be wondering how to build that trust. Aside from providing excellent service, offering a customer loyalty program is one of the best things you can do. You don't have to worry about this type of program taking up a lot of your resources, as it can easily be managed through Dynamic RMS. Let's take a look at your options for creating a great loyalty program.

Start Simple: Give Them Points to Collect If you feel overwhelmed about the idea of a loyalty program, then take a step back and have a look at the easiest strategy. You can offer your customers collectible points. Here you have a few options to choose from. Depending on your particular type of business, some points programs might work better than others. You could, for example, allow your customers to gather points according to the amount they spend. Alternatively, you could...
By Retail Hero on 3/15/2014
One of the best and most popular ways for businesses to retain customer loyalty is through the vaunted loyalty program. An institution in retailer circles, the loyalty program has been devised to demonstrate appreciation to a brand's customers. The success of any good loyalty program is determined by its value, as in how valuable the rewards and perks for customers are. Your efforts in Dynamic RMS can only go so far, but without a well-functioning loyalty program, you may have trouble retaining your all-important customers. Here are some of the most effective loyalty programs out there.

My Starbucks Rewards Can't Be Beat People already enjoy their coffee, so Starbucks naturally takes this innate enjoyment of caffeine and sweetens the deal to unbeatable proportions. Customers are able to earn stars by paying with their registered cards; after just 12 earned stars, customers are able to buy any food or drink item they want (provided they have a gold card and not just a regular one). This program rewards customers...
By Retail Hero on 3/10/2014
While we all know that there's no such thing as a free lunch, loyalty programs such as the humble punch card have created loyal customers out of hungry lunchtime walk-ins for years. Customers know that they have to spend money to save money at a business, but knowing that a business is willing to give back in the form of discounts, giveaways or loyalty program points is generally all it takes to make a customer want to come back to your business. If you're thinking of creating a loyalty program for your business, you need to consider which type of loyalty program suits your business best - your average sandwich and coffee shop isn't going to want the same loyalty program as the nearby auto repair shop. Will a discount on every purchase suit your average customer? Does your everyday customer want a giveaway? Or will points towards free items entice them to come back? Let's review these three customer loyalty program ideas and how they can help your business.

Discounts - Will Half Off Keep Them Coming Back?...
By Retail Hero on 3/1/2014
Social media was started with person-to-person contact in mind, but over the years, businesses have found themselves on every platform created and found ways to make the medium work for them. Social media helps businesses find new customers and showcase new items for sale, and it helps customers get in touch with the business and other customers directly and quickly. Even small retail businesses are reaping the rewards of having a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+ account online - and now, visual social media giant Pinterest is proving a profitable choice for retailers wanting more people to see what they have to offer online. Here’s how you can use Pinterest to effectively market your retail brand in a way that gets results.

If we look from that perspective, it will become obvious that an eCommerce store is a must for any brick-and-mortar retailer. Even if it doesn’t make much money, it is and incredible marketing tool. But it could also make money – as it does for many traditional retailers, even the smallest ones. But once you have an eCommerce store, your natural next step is to the social media.

By Retail Hero on 2/25/2014
While the popularity of online shopping continues to grow, many brick and mortar stores are adopting digital technologies in order to enhance their customer experience. By using similar technologies to those that ecommerce businesses use, more traditional retailers are finding ways to keep up with, and even outpace, their online-only counterparts. Here are some innovative ways that stores are using high-tech tools to create an awesome customer experience.

What Happens (or Doesn't Happen) at the Till For most retailers today, the POS terminal has become much more than a computerized cash register. Each customer transaction gives you the opportunity to collect valuable information and, in the world of data driven marketing, information is key. If you're not collecting information such as emails and home addresses, mobile phone numbers, buying habits, and so on, you're missing out on a huge amount of useful data.

Using Technology to Keep Customers Engaged Beyond the Initial Purchase Now that you've collected...
By Retail Hero on 2/20/2014
For any small to medium sized retail business that's looking to experience consistent and long-term growth, developing customer loyalty early on is an absolute must. In this regard, it's your first time customers who need to be the focus. These are the folks who are going to either come back to your store time and again for the products you offer, or who will leave for good once they walk out your doors. Which group they end up falling into will all depend upon their experience while shopping in your store. If you want to turn all first time customers into your best repeat customers, these tips will ensure they'll actually want to come back again and again.

Establish a Rewarding Customer Loyalty Program By far, one of the easiest ways to make a first time customer want to come back is to entice them with some form of customer loyalty program. Such a program is one that actively rewards your most loyal customers in order to show them that you appreciate and value their dedication to your business and the...
By Retail Hero on 2/15/2014
A great customer loyalty program is a powerful business tool. From restaurants to retail, business owners use these programs to turn first time customers into long-term business. With so many loyalty programs available to consumers, though, it is important to have a loyalty program that stands out from the rest. Here are four tried and tested ways to get more shoppers to sign up for your loyalty program.

Instant Incentives and Long Term Rewards Shoppers love getting rewards, but waiting to accumulate them can seem like a of lot work. Give your customers a sign up bonus that translates into instant savings. Whether it is a free appetizer, or a modest discount, knowing that signing up for a loyalty program will save a shopper on their current visit is going to be a more powerful incentive than having them work toward a reward. This is also going to compel first time customers to sign up for a loyalty program when they otherwise wouldn’t do so.

Sometimes, It Is All Fun and Games Incorporating games...
By Retail Hero on 2/10/2014
Technology is quickly evolving, and savvy business owners are tapping into the power of the digital age to keep their businesses from slipping behind the competition. If you're looking to stay on top of the technological curve, there are valuable resources available to help your business boom. Here are five of the best digital value adds out there.

Check In Customers And Start Conversation Customer check ins and conversations are happening every minute of everyday. With social media becoming such a large part of today's society, it's more important than ever to have a strong online presence. A simple website is not going to drive the traffic you need to stay on top. QR codes are a cheap and easy way to get your customers online, and involved in the conversation. Take a Page from Your Social Media Feed Social media accounts with substantial followers help get customers talking. Interact with your followers through social media, and keep the dialogue open. When customers feel connected to a business, transactions...
By Retail Hero on 2/5/2014
Developing customer loyalty through a rewards program is a great way to trigger increased consumer spending. These loyalty programs also provide a way to remain in constant communication with customers. Learning from the following loyalty program disasters will ensure that your business reaps the benefits without losing money and respect.Avoid Rewarding Loyal Customers with DirtThere are a variety of rewards that motivate customers to spend their money in a loyal manner. Some people enjoy perks such as free merchandise or services while others prefer earning steep discounts on what they normally purchase. The least inspiring way to run a rewards program, on the other hand, is to dangle an unappetizing carrot for the customer to chase. One of the best examples of a terrible customer reward is courtesy of Wells Fargo. This banking giant offers their customers dirt from fourteen different ballparks as a reward for redeeming over 24,000 points, which requires over $20,000 of spending on a Wells Fargo credit card....