Author: Created: 4/30/2014
Retail Hero on Customer Loyalty
By Retail Hero on 2/25/2014
While the popularity of online shopping continues to grow, many brick and mortar stores are adopting digital technologies in order to enhance their customer experience. By using similar technologies to those that ecommerce businesses use, more traditional retailers are finding ways to keep up with, and even outpace, their online-only counterparts. Here are some innovative ways that stores are using high-tech tools to create an awesome customer experience.

What Happens (or Doesn't Happen) at the Till For most retailers today, the POS terminal has become much more than a computerized cash register. Each customer transaction gives you the opportunity to collect valuable information and, in the world of data driven marketing, information is key. If you're not collecting information such as emails and home addresses, mobile phone numbers, buying habits, and so on, you're missing out on a huge amount of useful data.

Using Technology to Keep Customers Engaged Beyond the Initial Purchase Now that you've collected...
By Retail Hero on 2/20/2014
For any small to medium sized retail business that's looking to experience consistent and long-term growth, developing customer loyalty early on is an absolute must. In this regard, it's your first time customers who need to be the focus. These are the folks who are going to either come back to your store time and again for the products you offer, or who will leave for good once they walk out your doors. Which group they end up falling into will all depend upon their experience while shopping in your store. If you want to turn all first time customers into your best repeat customers, these tips will ensure they'll actually want to come back again and again.

Establish a Rewarding Customer Loyalty Program By far, one of the easiest ways to make a first time customer want to come back is to entice them with some form of customer loyalty program. Such a program is one that actively rewards your most loyal customers in order to show them that you appreciate and value their dedication to your business and the...
By Retail Hero on 2/15/2014
A great customer loyalty program is a powerful business tool. From restaurants to retail, business owners use these programs to turn first time customers into long-term business. With so many loyalty programs available to consumers, though, it is important to have a loyalty program that stands out from the rest. Here are four tried and tested ways to get more shoppers to sign up for your loyalty program.

Instant Incentives and Long Term Rewards Shoppers love getting rewards, but waiting to accumulate them can seem like a of lot work. Give your customers a sign up bonus that translates into instant savings. Whether it is a free appetizer, or a modest discount, knowing that signing up for a loyalty program will save a shopper on their current visit is going to be a more powerful incentive than having them work toward a reward. This is also going to compel first time customers to sign up for a loyalty program when they otherwise wouldn’t do so.

Sometimes, It Is All Fun and Games Incorporating games...
By Retail Hero on 2/10/2014
Technology is quickly evolving, and savvy business owners are tapping into the power of the digital age to keep their businesses from slipping behind the competition. If you're looking to stay on top of the technological curve, there are valuable resources available to help your business boom. Here are five of the best digital value adds out there.

Check In Customers And Start Conversation Customer check ins and conversations are happening every minute of everyday. With social media becoming such a large part of today's society, it's more important than ever to have a strong online presence. A simple website is not going to drive the traffic you need to stay on top. QR codes are a cheap and easy way to get your customers online, and involved in the conversation. Take a Page from Your Social Media Feed Social media accounts with substantial followers help get customers talking. Interact with your followers through social media, and keep the dialogue open. When customers feel connected to a business, transactions...
By Retail Hero on 2/5/2014
Developing customer loyalty through a rewards program is a great way to trigger increased consumer spending. These loyalty programs also provide a way to remain in constant communication with customers. Learning from the following loyalty program disasters will ensure that your business reaps the benefits without losing money and respect.Avoid Rewarding Loyal Customers with DirtThere are a variety of rewards that motivate customers to spend their money in a loyal manner. Some people enjoy perks such as free merchandise or services while others prefer earning steep discounts on what they normally purchase. The least inspiring way to run a rewards program, on the other hand, is to dangle an unappetizing carrot for the customer to chase. One of the best examples of a terrible customer reward is courtesy of Wells Fargo. This banking giant offers their customers dirt from fourteen different ballparks as a reward for redeeming over 24,000 points, which requires over $20,000 of spending on a Wells Fargo credit card....