About Retail Hero

Retail Hero™ began in 1999 as a technical support and software development company by a small group of skilled IT specialists of many years experience in enterprise networking, helpdesk support and custom software development.

Since 2004 Retail Hero™ shifted its focus to point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management (IM) solutions for the retail industry with Microsoft Dynamics RMS and POS products. During that time we applied our software development skills to customize the Dynamics platform for the customers with specific needs.

Soon afterwards, developing and supporting various add-ons for Dynamics RMS and other POS systems became the main focus of the company. Since that time Retail Hero has developed and sold over 20 Dynamics RMS and POS 2009 add-ons varying in functionality from customer loyalty programs to gift and payment card integrations, visual enhancement, tools and utilities. The company’s products span many retail verticals including pet food supply, wine and liquor, gardening, sporting goods, gifts, home decor, books and comics etc..

Since 2010 we dedicated our efforts primarily for developing and selling top-notch customer loyalty software integrated with the Point of Sale systems and custom projects.  

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